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Playlist Suggestions

Music is an indispensable part of your experience at Ill Will Brewing. Our playlist leans heavily into metal and rap, but welcomes an eclectic variety of styles.

To make our soundtrack , a song, foremost should be ill-willed in nature.

Examples: Mama Said Knock You Out - LL Cool J, Fucking Hostile - Pantera, A Boy Named Sue - Johnny Cash.

The less overtly ill-willed, the more a track should contain one or more of the following criteria in the lyrics or title:

  • an ill-willed synonym

  • ohio

  • crow(s)

  • the color black

  • being ill or illin'

Equally important is what does not make our playlist. We avoid songs that include raunchy sexual content, disparages any of our fellow man, or utilizes auto-tune (we also have an aversion to la-la-las, na-na-nahs, doot-doot-doos and similar).​

If you suggest a song that makes our playlist, you will be awarded 2 points on your License to Ill (no limit). 

Playlist Suggestions
Would you like feedback?

Thank you. Please anticipate at least two weeks for review.

*We subscribe to a pay service called soundtrackyourbrand for legal use of music. You can view most songs that are already on our list by clicking the Spotify icon, or by searching Ill Will Brewing in Spotify. There is a separate Kid-Friendly Ill Will (and Super Soft) playlist as well.

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