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Some people drink because they are having a good time. Others drink because they are not. Despite outward appearances, no one's career, relationship, or life is perfect, and sometimes a beer is just what we need. Did that degree land you the job of your dreams? Or left you feeling disgruntled? We have a beer for that - Disgruntled, and it pairs perfectly with minimum wage. Try pairing Spite with early balding, Animosity with a bad break-up, or order whatever speaks to your mood today. >: [




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can you be reached by phone?
No, instead use or TEXT: 330-831-2345.   

are dogs welcome?
Yes, and hell, cats too. 

are kids welcome?
Yes. After 8pm our playlist is uncensored and we consider the premises kid-tolerant versus kid-friendly.

Will you have on "the big game"?

are your beers available to-go?
Kathy, begrudgingly and perhaps miraculously, cans and labels about 10 cases per week of various titles, one-at-a-time, by hand. If you seek a specific title and/or are traveling from distance, it is prudent to text ahead for real-time availability. Alternatively, you may growler most titles. The week's can inventory is listed in our Shop. 

Are there any gluten free options?
Yes. We carry as many as 7 gluten free titles at once.

Do you serve drinks other than beer?
Our A1-C permits the sale of beer manufactured on-site. It does not permit the sale of wine, cider, mead, or spirits. Food trucks handle soda options, and we stock juice boxes for your little ones and Athletic brand non-alcoholic beer. 

What do you have most like bud light?
Water. We also are meticulous in the recreation of old world styles that your American macro brews are based on

why don't you distribute?
We prefer to have grain to glass control over quality to deliver you the best and freshest product possible. Plus the economics are dubious at best.     

can you ship me beer?
No, we lean ill-willed over illegal. 

do you have food?
We book food trucks most days, listed by date under the Event Calendar/Food Truck Schedule. You are welcome to bring your own, and Smokeworx at some point will open next to us, allegedly.  We also stock chips, pretzels, and other light fare. 

do you host musicians?
No. Music is an indispensable part of your experience at Ill Will, but we deliver it in the form of a curated playlist. We are fully aware that our taste in music might not be yours. We do not aspire to be a one-size-fits-all operation - consider this our form of Darwinian natural selection. 

will you host my event?

Probably. We host everything from board meetings to holiday parties to fundraisers. The grounds also serve as a phenomenal wedding venue (there are two AirBnBs onsite in addition to the 28,000 sq ft lawn and patio). We have a private room that seats 25-30 and can be reserved at no cost. Text: 330-831-2345 or email to start a dialogue. 

Core Values

Ill Will Brewing resents no one based on race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, sexual identification, or politics. We do resent Creed (less maybe My Own Prison), spotty wifi, and office politics. We welcome all, even those that dislike beer, which is why we make fucking hard-seltzers.  We harbor ill will towards things that do not matter, but vehemently defend things that do. If you hate people because they are different than you, or are our competition, you will likely find us unpalatable. For this we do not apologize.

>: [

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