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independent. Family-Owned. Hyper Local. Craft.


While ill will can be found everywhere, Ill Will Brewing pours exclusively from our own taps in Columbiana, Ohio. We felt 2019's Nicest Place in America could use balance from everything rainbows and gumdrops when we opened our doors in 2021. Uncompromising, unabashed, and unapologetic, Ill Will Brewing drives to create the best beers in the world. 

Our 3.5 barrel brewhouse keeps us small batch and nimble, but the experimentation was done on our dime. We are not guessing at what might be good and asking you to buy it. Every aspect of your beer was scrutinized and refined over a decade - each evolution sampled and argued, and then sampled and argued again. You are drinking a culmination of science, technique, artistry, passion, fisticuffs, and hard work leading to a liquid deemed worthy of your glass. Beer can be made by accident, consistently great beer can not. 

We brew Old World styles with meticulous attention to historical ingredients and processes. We build brewing water from scratch to match the mineral content of the style's host city. When you order a Czech Pilsner, you will be sipping the same water that pours in Plzen, Czech Republic. We brew modern creations utilizing cutting edge science and technologies to push the envelope as to what beer can be. Beer nerds by admission, we continuously seek innovation.

Our space is purposefully harsh and unforgiving. We prefer our music loud and our beer louder. The decor is not accidental either. There are secrets to unlock around you and clues hiding in plain sight. 

Located on the site of Columbiana's first settler, the land was later owned by Nicolaus Firestone. The farmhouse, Harvey's birthplace has since been raised and moved to an outdoor exhibit and part of the Henry Ford Museum. Remaining is a topiary, former staff offices, cattle pen/coral, and several barns and structures dating as old as 1804. Our building housed farm equipment and potato processing. You are standing among American history when you visit.

Ill Will Brewing does not host any social media accounts. We believe a few good friends > a thousand followers. We measure likes by empty glasses. It is our intent to enhance the lives of our patrons, employees, and community. We brew bold beers with a pioneering spirit and traditional styles to pay homage to the history around and behind us.

When you visit, if you like your beer, offer a staff member a thumbs up. If they reciprocate, bask in that shared awkward moment. If they don't, order Slighted.   >: [

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