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can you be reached by phone?
No, instead use or TEXT: 330-831-2345. Calls and VMs will go unheard. TEXT for information. 

are dogs welcome?
Yes, but expect Vanessa to kiss them on their lips. 

are kids welcome?
Yes, however after 8pm the music and environment is uncensored. At that time we consider the premises to be kid-tolerant vs kid-friendly. 

do you have tvs?
The big game will not be on, if that's why you ask. We encourage you talk to each other. 

Are your beers available to-go?
Yes, we offer an ever-expanding library of 16oz cans. Titles tend to sell-out by early afternoon on release days. Text 330-831-2345 for real-time inventories.  

If cans are not available, most titles can be growlered with the exception of our NEIPAs. Their design renders them extremely susceptible to oxidation and cans are the only stable way to maintain quality off-site. This policy protects you and your purchases. 

Can you ship me beer?
Soon, we will offer direct-to-consumer shipping for Ohio residents. Our permit is approved, but we are assessing the stability of our titles in less than ideal conditions (transit in summer temperatures). We may elect to launch this service in the fall, when temperatures are more favorable. Expect to see posts across our Socials when this service goes live, and/or you will see SHOP in the menu. For non-Ohio residents, seek the plug.  

is food available?
Currently, we welcome food trucks. The schedule is listed under EVENTS. In June, Smokeworx expects to open directly next to us - a local food truck turned brick-n-mortar. You are always welcome to bring your own food and non-alcoholic drinks.  

is anything gluten-free?
Yes, you will always find at least one GF title on-tap or in the fridge, and often up to six. 

is there anything other than beer?
Our permit (A-1C), allows for the sale of beer and seltzer that we produce. You will always find at least one Hard Seltzer/Tea/Rootbeer/Lemonade on-tap (plus our smoothie menu).

why don't you distribute?
We prefer to have grain-to-glass control over quality to deliver you the best and freshest experience possible. Plus, the economics of distribution - we find miserable.

Do you really consider your smoothies to be beer?
They are brewed with water, barley, hops, and yeast, the ingredients that produce beer. The federal agency that regulates beer (TTB) reviews our recipes and processes, concludes/designates it as beer, and requires us to register and label it beer. Ohio's regulatory agency also concurs it's beer, and requires us to register it as beer with the state.

Fruit has been an instrumental ingredient in brewing for at least 15,000 years. The first beers of history were mixtures of cereals, milk, honey, and fruits. 

We've imagined beer in a way either you are inexperiences with, too narrow-minded for, uncomfortable with, or simply don't like. 

If you hate us for our willingness to be different, you motivate us, and we sincerely thank you. We couldn't do this without you.  We celebrate our rebellious nature. My FAQ is when did you lose yours?

do you host live music?
No, that isn't to say we won't, but there are no plans to at this time.  

will you host my event?
Probably, we host everything from fundraisers to board meetings to parties and weddings.

We have a private room that seats 25-30 at once with room to stage food or gifts. While formal meals can be served, the room operates best as a congregation area for grazing, whereas Guests otherwise enjoy the patio and floor space when they are not eating. There is no cost for a reservation. Email to start a dialogue.

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