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Wiffleball Returns
August 26 & 27

Ill Will Brewing hosts a two day Wiffleball Tournament for teams of four with gameplay designed to accommodate a wide range of ages and skillsets.  Father's and son's compete, teens, team's of all ladies, and everything in between.  This year we have also added a Kid's 14U bracket. 

An adult entry ($100 for the entire team) will receive a minimum of three games, a jersey, and a 26oz beer bat.  A Kid's 14U entry is $80 and will receive the minimum of three games and a jersey.  The cost breaks down to $25 per adult entry with roughly $20 of this covering the cost of the jersey and bat. Thus but $5 per player is applied towards bats, balls, backstops, strike zones, home plates, cones, and everything else needed to facilitate the event. 


The field is broken into pods of four based on registration in your Session of choice.

Eight teams make up Pods A and B (four teams to a pod) in Session 1, which plays Saturday, August 26th, at 8am, 9am, and 10am round-robin style against the other three teams in their pod.  The best records after round-robin play from Pods A and B advance to a Playoff at 11am.  All teams are then finished for the day. 

The eight teams that make up Session 2 (pods C and D), play Saturday, August 26th, at 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, with their Playoff at 3pm. 

Session 3 (pods E and F) play Saturday, August 26th at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, with their playoff at 7pm.

Session 4 (pods G and H) play Sunday, August 27th at 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, with their Playoff at 3pm. 

Semi-Final 1 (Winner of Session 3 vs Winner of Session 4) Sunday, 4pm

Semi-Final 2 (Winner of Session 1 vs Winner of Session 2) Sunday, 5pm

Final and Best of Three, Sunday 6pm.  

The Kids 14U Tournament plays Sunday, August 27th at 8am, 9am, and 10am with their Playoff/Championship at 11am. 


Games will be completed in one hour or less. An hour is not an abundance of time and the rules were designed with pacing in mind. 

A complete game is 6 innings.  No new inning will start after the game's 50 minute mark. 

Teams consist of 4 players.  Three play the field (pitcher and two fielders), but either 3 or 4 may bat.  Your 4th may be used as a substitute or a DH. You may position your fielders anywhere you wish.  If you bat four, and a player must leave the game, an out will be recorded for every vacant AB. 

A pitcher can pitch no more than 3 innings per game, so plan on at least two pitchers.  You may pitch fast, slow, overhand, or underhand, but the inning limit was designed to prevent one singular seasoned pitcher from buzz-sawing all the way to the Final. 

Batters begin each at-bat with an 0-1 count, and then finish the AB with baseball rules (a foul tip can not be strike 3). 

There is no base-running.  The field is divided into zones.  The singles zone begins at the pitchers rubber at 32 feet.  Struck balls that do not reach the singles zone are recorded as an out.  Balls can reach the double zone, triple zone, or clear the fence for a home run.  Ghost runners will be observed and your field commissioner will keep track of score and outs. Forces are not required to score, a runner on third will score on a single.   Fielders can catch balls in the air (an out) or impede a struck ball from reaching the next zone.  For example, a hard hit ground ball can be stopped before it ever reaches the singles zone, and thus be recorded as an out. Most outs will be recorded by strikeout, then by soft contact, then finally by pop fly. 

The strike zone is 20 inches wide by 30 inches high and sits 3 feet behind home plate.  The distance from the rubber to the plate is 32ft (thus 35ft total). A pitched ball that hits the zone is a called strike, and misses is a ball. 

Your field commissioner is there to help with pacing, keep score, answer questions, and settle disputes.

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